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You Can Always Be Surprised!

I am a big fan of Christopher Kimball. It began with my first issue of Cooks Illustrated and continued when he left to start up Milk Street. I have to admit the first few editions of Milk Street left me less … Continue reading

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Say Cheese!

In my last post I shared my recipe for Chiles Relleno with a picture of the finished dish.  I have had a few questions about the muffin sharing the plate with the Chile Relleno and the refried beans.  They are … Continue reading

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Pico de Gallo

It’s almost May and I am looking forward to fresh local produce.  As a rule, I make a real effort to cook with foods that are in season in the area.  January, February, March and April are the worst months for … Continue reading

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Green Chile Cheeseburgers – Sort Of

It’s a cold and gray day here in Mew Mexico; a good day to do some more work on the valence I am making for my soon to be born granddaughter’s room.  What has that got to do with green … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo in New Mexico

Yesterday was  Cinco de Mayo.  And no, contrary to popular opinion, Cinco de Mayo it is not Mexican Independence day.  In New Mexico Cinco de Mayo  ranks up there with St. Patrick’s day as far as celebrations go.  For some people it’s about … Continue reading

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Why I Love Leftovers

I don’t mind leftovers. In fact, with a week like the one I am having leftovers can be the best thing that happens to me! We started out the week with a meeting of our Gourmet group on Sunday. The theme for … Continue reading

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A Chile By Any Other Name

Last week I received the March issue of Sunset Magazine and, as it was an issue dedicated to food, I dove right in.  Loved the article about Mexican Markets, especially as they talked about Pro’s Ranch, the one I visit most often.  And the cover – A picture of a burger … Continue reading

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