Who I Am

Ok, so I’m not really a bird; unless you count British slang but you have to be pretty old to get that reference!

My husband and I own the Sandhill Crane Bed and Breakfast in Corrales, New Mexico.  Corrales is a small village just outside Albuquerque (NO, we are NOT a suburb of Albuquerque).  The village has a population of about 10,000 people and about that many coyotes, dogs, horses, mules, goats and other assorted wildlife.  Many of the streets are gravel roads, we have four hitching posts in town including one at the local pizza joint and one at the brew pub (yes, you can get arrested for riding drunk.)  Lest you think we live in the sticks, be advised that Starbucks is less than 5 minutes away.

We moved here in 2003 after spending most of our life in the midwest.  I am a Chicago girl and except for a brief stint in Wisconsin, lived there all my life until moving to New Mexico.  My husband spent most of his formative years in Michigan.  We met on a blind date at the University of Wisconsin in LaCrosse and the rest, as they say, is history.

My passions run to the ordinary, my family, our rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback and cooking.  And of course, the Chicago Cubs.   Ever the optimist I always believe this will be OUR year!

I started this blog to communicate with family, friends and guests, past and present , of the Sandhill Crane.  Welcome to my world!

2 Responses to Who I Am

  1. Very cool that you own a B&B…we considered that “occupation” for years, and may one day still make that move. Take care, and glad I read your blog today.

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