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Taco Friday

Last night was Taco Friday at our house.  I know the big thing is Taco Tuesday but I’m not committed to a particular food on a particular day, except during Lent.  Then Fridays mean fish of one sort or another.  … Continue reading

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I’m Not Cooking

Every once in awhile I feel like saying “I’m not cooking” and instead electing to go out to eat or let someone else do the cooking.  Of course in today’s environment going out to eat is not possible.  Takeout  yes … Continue reading

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OH No – No Dogs!

Every once in awhile we get a craving for a good Chicago Hot Dog.  And since we can’t run out from New Mexico to our favorite Chicago Hot Dog stand (we’re looking at you, Portillo’s), we have to settle for … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!

It hardly seems possible but we bought the inn 17 years ago today.  Which means I am starting my 18th year as an innkeeper.  We’ve had good times and lately, not so good times.  With my illness and then cancer … Continue reading

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Cool as a Cucumber

Is it a midwest thing or did a lot of you grow up hearing the phrase “cool as a cucumber?”  It was certainly a part of the lingo I heard as a child.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to be … Continue reading

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Menu Day

Another week has gone by.  Here it is Thursday and time to plan the weekly menu.  Of course, when you own a B&B weekly menu plans cover both breakfast and dinner.  Fortunately, my guests have already made me aware of … Continue reading

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Happy 4th Of July!

It’s the 4th of July and that means it is time for one of the best parades in the area – thanks Corrales MainStreet – and later in the day to fire up the grill and get cooking!  For a … Continue reading

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You Can Always Be Surprised!

I am a big fan of Christopher Kimball. It began with my first issue of Cooks Illustrated and continued when he left to start up Milk Street. I have to admit the first few editions of Milk Street left me less … Continue reading

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Last Friday while doing my grocery shopping I happened to spot a package of pitas.  I suddenly had the urge to make one of our favorite snacks – garlic pita chips. I used to make these chips all the time … Continue reading

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Waste Nothing

I hate waste – especially when it comes to food.  As an innkeeper I know I will end up throwing out breakfast food that, for whatever reason, does not get eaten.  As my husband repeatedly reminds me “It’s a cost … Continue reading

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