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The Sweet Smell of Success

Today is one of those days where my schedule had me in meetings until at least 5 pm.  It was also the one day on this week that I had not identified the dinner menu choice.  About 11 this morning … Continue reading

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Beans, It’s What’s For Dinner

Ok, not just beans.  There’s also rice, green pepper, Spanish Chorizo and onions.  Last might I made Cuban Black Beans with rice for dinner.  My local grocery store had a special on dried beans and, since I have a wonderfully … Continue reading

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A Simple Trick?

I have lived long enough to know that every fad eventually has a second life.  I also know that when it comes to clothing and hairstyles, if you wore it the first time you shouldn’t even think about wearing it … Continue reading

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Is This Heaven????

Two years ago I spent a week in Chicago visiting my daughter, her husband and my very young granddaughter.  This blog post was written while I was there and somehow got lost in the black hole of computing. However, the … Continue reading

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Waste Not….

I grew up in a family of six that tried not to waste anything useful.  For example, my grandmother loved watermelon and, after eating the pulp, would either bury the rinds around her tomato plants or pickle them as a … Continue reading

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There’s Something Fishy Here!

I always agonize over what to make as my New Years Eve entrée.  I want it to be special to real celebrate the event. This year I opted for Salmon en Croute.  I made this dish, with a different recipe … Continue reading

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Salad or Fish?

Because our New Years Eve entrée was going to be Salmon en Croute, I really didn’t want a fish course.  I did need a salad course and decide why not combine the fish course and the salad course. Actually, I … Continue reading

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I Can’t Wait for Toast!

Today I am gong to deviate from the New Years Eve menu to talk about Orange Marmalade.  Specifically how incredibly easy it is to make! Had I known this I would have been making fresh marmalade all along.  Our guests will … Continue reading

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New Years Eve Appetizers and Soup

I won’t be sharing all the courses I made on News Years Eve: if you really want an omitted recipe you can email.  I’m going to share the courses that were really good or started as one thing and morphed into … Continue reading

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The Tradition Continues

Looking back I find it hard to believe that I have been doing a multi-course New Years Eve Dinner for over 35 years!  Sometimes it has been for friends, sometimes family and sometimes just George and I.  For the last … Continue reading

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