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Good Speed At Last!

Those of you that follow my blog know that I stick pretty consistently to subjects regarding food and cooking.  But today I want to share my excitement over our new internet provider and my joy in GOOD INTERNET SPEED AT … Continue reading

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Last Minute Switch

Yesterday was one of those days when I did a last minute switch on my dinner menu.  I had planned on Spaghetti with red sauce and meatballs.  But I had a CAT scan yesterday and that iodine contrast took everything … Continue reading

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Cool Dish for a Hot Day

It was hot here yesterday.  Not too bad in an adobe home but still, you want a cool dish on a hot day.  That’s why I elected to try out a new recipe that I found in the 25th Anniversary … Continue reading

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Taco Friday

Last night was Taco Friday at our house.  I know the big thing is Taco Tuesday but I’m not committed to a particular food on a particular day, except during Lent.  Then Fridays mean fish of one sort or another.  … Continue reading

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The Start of Summer

Ok, Memorial Day is over.  We have now achieved the unofficial start of summer.  I am busy adding to my garden, washing windows, in the hope that the spring winds have FINALLY died down for good, and generally preparing the … Continue reading

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I’m Not Cooking

Every once in awhile I feel like saying “I’m not cooking” and instead electing to go out to eat or let someone else do the cooking.  Of course in today’s environment going out to eat is not possible.  Takeout  yes … Continue reading

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Bouillabaisse Tonight!

Tonight I am making Bouillabaisse for dinner.  Last week requested Cioppino for his birthday dinner and it got me thinking about how much I’ve missed Bouillabaisse.  I started making Cioppino after my first trip to San Francisco and Bouillabaisse has … Continue reading

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Another New Toy!

As the Corona virus continues to hold this country hostage, Albuquerque is no different than any other place in the US when it comes to finding non-latex gloves and hand sanitizer.  Theses days you can’t even find the hydrogen peroxide … Continue reading

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Chicken and Tuna? You Bet!

Last Sunday it was our turn to host the gourmet group gathering.  It is the dog days of summer here in New Mexico and while the house is cool, the outside temperature begs for cold dishes.  And, truth be told, … Continue reading

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Starting Over

It has been quite a while since I’ve been up to posting.  But I suspect I can be forgiven considering what has gone on in the last eight months of my life.  Without boring you with too many details, since … Continue reading

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