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Sous Vide Salmon

Since receiving my SanSaire Immersion Cooker two weeks ago I have experimented making poultry, beef and pork,  Last night it was time to try fish. Last Friday, during my weekly grocery shopping trip, I purchased a large salmon filet.  I … Continue reading

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Tried and True

This morning I was paging through the November issue of Bon Appetit magazine when I came across and article about the tools the BA kitchen could not “cook the big turkey feast without.” The five gadgets included an instant read … Continue reading

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New Years Eve Appetizers and Soup

I won’t be sharing all the courses I made on News Years Eve: if you really want an omitted recipe you can email.  I’m going to share the courses that were really good or started as one thing and morphed into … Continue reading

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Oh The Pressure

George and I love barbecue.  There is nothing better than a pulled pork sandwich smothered in sauce with fresh coleslaw and oven roasted fries.  And living in New Mexico pork shoulder is really easy to come by.  The last time … Continue reading

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Bolognese – It’s Got Nothing to do with Bologna

I was thumbing through a copy of Bon Appetit last week and caught sight of a editor note about a Bolognese recipe that used chicken livers.  Chicken Livers?  In a red sauce?  The actual recipe was in an issue that … Continue reading

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My Favorite Tools

Last week I was looking through a recent issue of one of my cooking magazines and I noticed they had asked the staff to identify their favorite things in the kitchen; tools, cooking vessels, appliances or heirlooms ( the things you … Continue reading

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Healthy Donuts

Healthy Donuts?  Isn’t that an oxymoron?  Not when you see these!  Ok, maybe not healthy with a capital H but healthier than fried.  About a year ago I came across a recipe for baked donuts.  I thought those would be … Continue reading

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