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A Little Eggplant

George and I are big fans of most ethnic food.  While French tops my list, Italian plays a close second.  Last week I got a sudden craving for Eggplant Parmigiana. I have made this dish in the past but am … Continue reading

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Moussaka on My Mind

The first time I had Greek food I was probably well into my twenties.  And I fell in love.  Spanakopita, Pastichio, Moussaka, Lamb with egg and lemon sauce, and of course, Saganaki.  The only thing I am not fond of … Continue reading

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Garden Time

This post will deviate from my usual discussion of food to talk about the next best thing – gardening.  Today is the Saturday before Mother’s day and I can officially plant with little worry of freezing weather.  That’s not to say it can’t happen … Continue reading

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Eggplant – It’s Not Just for Parmigiana

Yesterday I wrote about our gourmet group Spanish dinner.  One of the Tapas dishes was an Eggplant dip that was really quite good.  I wanted to add an eggplant dish to the menu to reflect the Mediterranean influence I experienced when I … Continue reading

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Who Knows Where the Time Goes

First, my apologies to Judy Collins – but the line is too true.  And, if like me you are a Judy Collins fan, good luck getting that line out of your head! We have been busy here at the inn … Continue reading

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A Better Eggplant

Last night we had eggplant parmesan.  We love eggplant parmesan but are not really fond of the mushy, for lack of a better word,  eggplant.  Now a traditional eggplant parmesan recipe calls for the eggplant to be salted, drained, breaded … Continue reading

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How Much Time?

Tonight our gourmet group is meeting for a quasi Greek feast.  I say quasi because the entrée is Pastitsio, a Greek favorite, but  I don’t know what else is on the menu aside from the dish I am making – … Continue reading

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