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Last Friday while doing my grocery shopping I happened to spot a package of pitas.  I suddenly had the urge to make one of our favorite snacks – garlic pita chips. I used to make these chips all the time … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day – A Little Late

Today we are celebrating St. Patrick’s day; and yes, I know St. Patrick’s day was actually last Thursday.  A number of factors contributed to this tardy celebration. St. Patrick’s Day dawned bright and sunny but not so my husband’s stomach. … Continue reading

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A Simple Trick?

I have lived long enough to know that every fad eventually has a second life.  I also know that when it comes to clothing and hairstyles, if you wore it the first time you shouldn’t even think about wearing it … Continue reading

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Better Butter

Yesterday I attempted something I had never done before.  I made butter.  Not compound butter; just plain old butter. Several weeks ago George and I were listening to NPR as we ran our errands.  The talk show host was interviewing a gentleman … Continue reading

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