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Fall is Upon Us

It seems like just yesterday it was in the 90’s – tho with our new foam roof you’d never know it in the house, and suddenly the nighttime temps are in the low 40’s.  We’ve even had our first freeze … Continue reading

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A New Sous Vide Keeper

It’s been almost six months since I got my hands on my SanSaire immersion cooker and, like most of my new toys, it has seen a lot of dinner prep action.  Two weeks ago I tried a new recipe and … Continue reading

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Stuffed Breast Success!

For the last several years I have made a stuffed chicken breast  stuffed with fresh mozzarella and basil leaves and then wrapped in prosciutto.  I would sauté the wrapped breasts over high heat to sear the prosciutto, cover the pan, … Continue reading

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Garden Time

This post will deviate from my usual discussion of food to talk about the next best thing – gardening.  Today is the Saturday before Mother’s day and I can officially plant with little worry of freezing weather.  That’s not to say it can’t happen … Continue reading

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Tuna Steaks

Last night we had Ahi tuna steaks for dinner.  I bought the steaks at Trader Joe’s so they came frozen.  There is nothing better than fresh tuna steaks on the grill.  But sometimes all I can get is frozen.  When … Continue reading

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