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“Gotcha Day”

Today is ‘Gotcha” day at the Newby household.  For those of you that are not familiar with the term, ‘Gotcha” Day is the day you bring your new four legged best friend and family member home.  Actually we are celebrating … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!

It hardly seems possible but we bought the inn 17 years ago today.  Which means I am starting my 18th year as an innkeeper.  We’ve had good times and lately, not so good times.  With my illness and then cancer … Continue reading

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It’s All About Adapting!

Last week I decided to go through my cookbooks to determine what to have for dinner this past week.  I was frankly tired of the usual winter options and wanted to bring a couple of new dishes to the table, … Continue reading

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The Recipe That Started It All

I have always loved to cook.  Even as a young girl I would be in the kitchen mixing up some jelly filled muffins to give to my parents as breakfast in bed (my Dad hated them – I was just … Continue reading

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No Pressure

About 10 days ago I flew out to Phoenix to spend some time with my mom who recently returned home after recovering from a broken leg.  There were things to be done,  places to go, people to see and a … Continue reading

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Book Club Salad

I belong to a book club that meets every six weeks or so.  Each member takes a turn selecting the book and hosting that meeting. We meet for dinner so the host is responsible for the entree and the rest … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never – Appetizers

Over the course of the next week or so I will be sharing the recipes from our New Years Eve dinner party.  I know I promised these recipes some time ago; life sometimes gets in the way of best intentions.  … Continue reading

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