Menu Day

Another week has gone by.  Here it is Thursday and time to plan the weekly menu.  Of course, when you own a B&B weekly menu plans cover both breakfast and dinner.  Fortunately, my guests have already made me aware of their dietary preferences and requirements so that menu is pretty well set.  Dinners, however, are another story.  Repeating a week’s worth of breakfast menu ideas isn’t really a problem as most guests are not here for more than a week. I suspect George would get a little testy eating the same dinner menu week after week so Thursdays are spent looking at the grocery store sales, the weather forecast, and past menus to determine what we can have that is “different.”

This week is going to be hot.  While the inn is a cool 73 to 74 degrees F., it is going to be over 100 degrees F. outside.  While we restrict our outdoor activity when it gets this warm, just running errands can take a lot out of you.  So I will be looking for light meals that feature more fish and vegetables or meals that can be served chilled.

Here is my plan for next week.

Friday and Saturday are already covered.  Friday we’ll have leftover pork roast which I will turn into BBQ pork sandwiches and Saturday we’ll do some Italian sausage in the grill with sauteed green peppers.

Sunday will be something on the grill – pork chops or a small steak with baked potatoes and roasted vegetables.

I think I’ll kick off the week with a nice iced cucumber soup served with garlic pita chips.  The chips are a little labor intensive but so worth the effort. And if I make them immediately after breakfast the kitchen won’t get too hot.

I like the idea of a cold fish salad so I will get a couple of trout, smoke them and serve them cold with a flavored mayonnaise alongside and a few sliced tomatoes to complete the dish.

I have decided to make my favorite sous vide chicken breast dish with mozzarella, basil (which is growing like crazy in a pot on the portal) and roasted red pepper.  Julienned zucchini squash lightly sautéed in garlic and olive oil will do double duty as both a vegetable and a starch substitute.

And finally, tomatoes stuffed with crab salad made with a typical southern rémoulade and crusty rolls.

There you have it.  My menu is planned, the shopping list is completed.  I’m ready for the store.

Stay cool!



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