Waste Nothing

I hate waste – especially when it comes to food.  As an innkeeper I know I will end up throwing out breakfast food that, for whatever reason, does not get eaten.  As my husband repeatedly reminds me “It’s a cost of doing business.”

Our meals/food are a different matter.  First, I plan a weekly menu before I shop and rarely deviate.  Sometimes you have “leftovers” from dinner or a recipe.  We had Taco salad a little over a week ago and after the meal was left with a few tortilla chips – not enough for nachos or with guacamole but too much to throw out.  So I decided to use them as breading on chicken thighs.  They will be showing up on the dinner plate tonight.

Our menu for this evening is Baked tortilla coated chicken thighs, roasted corn, black bean and jalapeno salad and Mexican rice.  I have a recipe for Chipotle chicken that starts with a marinade of mayonnaise and chipotle chili.  The thighs are coated in the marinade and refrigerated for at least 3 hours.  Normally they get coated in seasoned flour and then baked in the oven until finished.  Tonight I will substitute the remaining chips that have been pounded into a fine coating for the breadcrumbs.

As I knew I had these leftover tortillas that would be used to coat the chicken, my shopping list this week included items that would round out the meal.  I am making a salad of black beans, jalapeno and roasted corn with a honey, apple cider vinegar and Chulula dressing.  I purchased two fresh ears of corn and roasted them over an open flame on my stove (storming too hard to use the grill.)  I mixed the honey, apple cider vinegar, and Cholula hot sauce to make the dressing. The salad is in the fridge so all the flavors can meld.

I will add some Mexican rice as a starch.

Nothing, not even something as inconsequential as tortilla chips, goes to waste in this house!

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