Comfort Food

The blustery winter weather we are experiencing today cries out for comfort food; a stick to your ribs dish that warms you from the inside out.  We all have our favorite comfort food, mine happens to be stewed chicken.  It’s on the menu tonight.

Born in November, stewed chicken on fried noodles was the dish I always asked for on my birthday.  Nothing glamorous about browning and stewing a who knows how old hen for hours until the meat falls off the bone. Nevertheless it was my favorite and I always got my wish.

Only problem is that I haven’t seen a stewing hen in literally years. So recipe modification is in order.  Last week we hosted our gourmet group. As the host I made the entree and provided recipes for appetizer, salad and dessert each couple could choose to prepare.  Having recently returned form France my menu was French.  I made braised turkey thighs in  Beaujolais Nouveau with prunes.  Sounds gruesome – taste wonderful.  After weighing out the required amount of turkey thigh required for the recipe I was left with one poor turkey thigh.  Into the freezer for later use.

Today the turkey thigh will make an appearance as stewed turkey.  A little browning, some chicken stock and slow cooking for two or three hours should produce the fall of the bone consistency I’m looking to achieve.  Thicken the stock, add mushrooms and it will be ready to go.  Served over fried noodles ( this is comfort food – not health food!) with a side of red cabbage it will keep the blustery winds at bay.

And an added bonus to using just the thigh, no leftovers.  I would gladly eat leftovers until it was gone (two people, a big stewing hen, you do the math!)  My husband, on the other hand, is done after one repeat. Not a problem tonight. Comfort food at its best.

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