Black Friday – Sandhill Crane Style

For many of you the day after Thanksgiving is filled with what seems to be endless shopping. I know because before I became an innkeeper I was out there like everyone else.  And yes, my husband and I once stood in line before dawn at Best Buy to get a color printer for my parents.  But that was long ago and I digress.

Black Friday at the Sandhill Crane means decorating for Christmas. And I mean DECORATING.  It usually takes me about 6 hours to get everything, with the exception of the “family” tree done.

Why so long?  Let’s start with the  7.5′ Christmas tree in the entrance foyer.  It has to be assembled and decorated.  Last year we bought a new pre-lit tree so that has cut out a bit of time. Then there is decorating of the rooms.

Three trees ready for the rooms.

Three trees ready for the rooms.

Each room gets decorated with its own tabletop tree – more assembly – and themed decorations. The Mesa room features Randy Reindeer hanging out in various places.  The Meadow room has a plush santa that urges you “To Believe”  And the Bosque Suite even get renamed to the Nutcracker Suite in honor of the nutcracker selection that belongs to my son Sean.  There are so many of them that they spread out into the hall that connects the suite sitting room and the suite bedroom.

The Bosque Suite becomes the Nutcracker Suite during Christmas!

The Bosque Suite becomes the Nutcracker Suite during Christmas!

Then there are the French doors and the hall light fixtures decorated with bows.  The lamps over the dining table and our table get swags of gold and silver. And the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.  The only thing remaining to do is decorate the family tree. This year we, as I told my son, turned to the dark force of Christmas trees – an artificial tree.  The family tree has always been a real tree.  We’d buy it Thanksgiving weekend, keep it in water until just before Christmas then decorate it,  This year we decided to go forgo the real tree in favor of an artificial 7.5′ pre-lit tree.  No spending hours stringing lights, no contorting yourself in an effort to get water into the tree every day and we can put it up now and enjoy it throughout the season.  The only thing missing is the smell of a real tree but the ones we could get never seemed to have that pine smell that I recall from the trees of my childhood. So a win all the way around.

Christmas means baking and I already have the Rocks and Almond push buttons done.  Next week I will tackle the anise cookies and the gingerbread men.

If you want to see the inn in person we have dates available in December.  Just follow this link to make a reservation 

Come see how we celebrate Christmas at the Crane!

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