A Real Bargain!

Do you bake?  Well I do. ALOT. If you own a B&B you are constantly refilling the cookie jar.  As a result I have invested in heavy-duty cooking sheets and, up until recently, quality parchment paper.  Clean up is a snap and the parchment paper eliminated the need for using cooking spay on the sheet pans.

Several years ago I invested in a Silpat silicon baking sheet.  It was great but at $25 a pop I wasn’t inclined to purchase one for each of my sheet pans.

Then recently I learned about Amazon Basics.  Amazon Basics started in 2009 with tech goods but it has expanded beyond that.  Amazon watches what people are buying and comes up with its own version – usually cheaper.   And guess what they have available – yep, Amazon Basics Silicon baking sheets.  And the cost? Two for $12.95!  Two for the price of one!!! And if you are a Prime member shipping is free. I’d share the link but unfortunately it references my order.  Just Google Amazon Basics and look in the kitchen section.

I’ve had mine since the first of May so to be fair they only been in use for 6 weeks.  But so far they are performing as well as my Silpat.  I purchased two sets so I can bake four dozen cookies without having to wait for cookie sheets to cool.

Saving money and saving time – that’s my idea of winning all the way around!

And I’ll update this blog after Christmas when it is not unusual for me to make 40 dozen cookies!

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