Old Man Winter is Making a Comeback

For the last several weeks the weather here at the inn has been a beautiful – in the eighties, a bit warm for April – very little rain and not too much wind, which is a plus for us this time of the year.  The hummingbirds have started arriving, the trees are all leafed out and our apple trees have budded.

And while that little voice in my head kept reminding me it is not safe to plant here until Mother’s Day, I ignored it and got busy in the garden.  I didn’t go crazy, I planted a few bulbs, filled a couple of pots with geraniums and put an Easter Lily in the ground.

I should have listened to that little voice.  I just checked the weather service and learned that  we have a weather warning “A significant late season winter storm will hit Northern and Central New Mexico Friday through Sunday.”  In addition to the significantly colder weather we can expect “rain, thunderstorms, snow and high winds during the period.” And yes, there was mention of a possible hard freeze.

Because we are in the Valley we may see more rain than snow. But if there is a hard freeze it will find us.

Last week I considered calling my HVAC guy to come and turn off the furnace and turn on the coolers.  But another little voice told me to wait.  THAT one I listened to. It’s a good thing I did!  The trip to the Farmers Market Sunday morning may be a bit brisk!

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