The Day After

Another Easter has come and gone. The eggs dyed and eaten, the baskets filled with candy and left by the Easter Bunny on the credenza and the Lamb Cake  baked, decorated and  ready to be devoured.

Finished Lamb Cake

Finished Lamb Cake

I have made the same lamb cake for 45 years – one year I made a bunny cake instead.  Over the years I have perfected the operation.  Using a pound cake recipe instead of a yellow cake recipe was the first major breakthrough.  The denser cake kept the head from falling off.  A tragic event – especially if it happens in front of a small child!  Then about 13 years ago I came across a commercial bakery lamb mold at an estate sale, of all places.  Prior to this I had used the mold that belonged to my grandmother.  Made of thinner aluminum it did the job but I always worried about the cake releasing from the mold – especially the ears.  It was not uncommon for the ears to be reattached with toothpicks.  Covered with frosting no one was the wiser.  Since I began using the commercial mold the ears seem to release much more cleanly and still attached to the head!

The batter recipe makes more cake than the mold can hold so the rest of the batter goes into a mini loaf pan.  It bakes  alongside the mold.  This cake has become my B and B guest cake.  After it cools I use a serrated knife to cut it into the shape of an egg – one with a flat bottom!  I frost it an decorate it with jelly beans.  Guests can help themselves to the cake while my Lamb stays intact until Easter dinner. I also set the table Easter morning with plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and malted milk eggs.  Everyone loves a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny! Join us next year for your own slice of the egg!

Here’s a few examples of my Lamb Cake, and the one Bunny cake, through the years.

Lamb Cake ready for the Easter Table

My 39th lamb cake!

My 39th lamb cake!hrough the years.

Front view of the frosted bunny.

Front view of the frosted bunny.

Finished Lamb Cake

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