Another Sous Vide Success!

I just can’t get enough of my SanSaire Sous Vide cooker. I am trying  – tho not always succeeding – to use the immersion cooker at least once a week.  This week I decide to try Tuna steaks.  I’ve used the machine with great success to make salmon and trout so I was pretty sure tuna steaks would fare well.

George gave me a sous vide cookbook at Christmas but the recipes are designed to be used in the Sous Vide Supreme machine – one of those big counter top models that require a vacuum sealer top encase the food items.  I found a recipe for Teriyaki Tuna with Wasabi mashed potatoes that sounded intriguing.  I figured with a few modifications I could make it using my SanSaire.  As you can guess, I was right. Recipe changes included making the mashed potatoes on the stove top, substituting snow peas for snap peas, and adjusting the timing for my machine.

Here’s my version of Tuna Steaks with Wasabi Mashed potatoes, Teriyaki Sauce and Snow Peas       For  2 people

For the Teriyaki Sauce ( you could use store-bought but this was easy and REALLY good!)

  • 1/4  cup soy sauce – I used dark soy but you could use any soy sauce
  • 2 tbl Rice Vinegar
  • 2 tbl brown sugar

Add all the ingredients to a small sauce pan and heat until sugar is dissolved.  Continue  cooking over low heat until the sauce reaches a syrup consistency.  Can be kept on low heat or made ahead and GENTLY reheated.

For the Wasabi

  • 1 tbl wasabi powder
  • 1/4 cup sour cream  – you could also use creme fraiche

Mix the ingredients together and let stand, covered, for a minimum of 10 minutes to allow the flavors to meld.  Refrigerate if not using right away.

For the Tuna

  • Two 4 to 6 oz tuna steaks
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper
  • Grapeseed ( or any mild vegetable oil) to help “seal” the fish in the bags.

We like our tuna medium rare so I set the machine to 122 degrees F.   Pat the tuna dry and season with salt and pepper.  Place the tuna steaks in individual quart zip log bags and add a bit of oil to both sides of the steak. When the circulating water reaches the desired temperature, slowly lower the steaks into the water and seal the bags.  Our steaks were a little over one inch thick so I let them cook for 75 minutes.

To complete the dish:

While the tuna is cooking peel and cook potatoes and place in salted water.  Cook until the potatoes are easily pierced with a fork.

Pull the strings form the snow peas and blanch in boiling water.  Remove and place in an ice bath to retard cooking.  Drain and turn out on paper towels to dry.

Just before the steaks are due to be removed from the immersion cooker, begin heating a grill pan that has been lightly oiled.

Drain the cooked potatoes and mash with the wasabi mixture and additional sour cream if necessary. Keep warm while you grill the tuna and quick fry the snow peas – I used my little wok – in a small amount of oil.


Mound the potatoes on the plate and top with the tuna steaks.  Drizzle a small amount of teriyaki sauce onto the tuna and over a bit of the potatoes.  Place the snow peas on the side and garnish if desired.  I had a bit of water chestnut left over from another dish and used that, minced, as my snow pea garnish. I think red pepper flakes might also work well.

Pass any leftover sauce on the side.

Here’s the completed dish.  We loved the flavor combinations and were especially happy with the home-made teriyaki sauce.

Oh, and Zoey, our 5-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback gave her stamp of approval on the Wasabi paste.  She ate the first batch ( my fault, I left it too close to the edge of the counter) and was looking for more!

Tuna with teriyaki sauce and  wasabi mashed potatoes

Tuna with teriyaki sauce and wasabi mashed potatoes.

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