Sous Vide Salmon

Since receiving my SanSaire Immersion Cooker two weeks ago I have experimented making poultry, beef and pork,  Last night it was time to try fish. Last Friday, during my weekly grocery shopping trip, I purchased a large salmon filet.  I cut two evenly sized filets from the center of the piece for the express purpose of cooking them in the immersion cooker.  I opted to cook them to medium so I set the immersion cooker to 130 degree F.

I prepared the filets by sprinkling them with some freshly chopped dill and slid them into the freezer bags with a dash of grape seed oil.  The recommend cooking time was 22 minutes so while the fish cooked I made long grain and wild rice and a dill sauce. Yellow carrots and a sauté of spinach completed the dish.

Salmon filets immediately after being removed from the immersion cooker,

Salmon filets immediately after being removed from the immersion cooker.


If you click on the photo to the left you can see the vacuum seal around the fish.   The fish came out moist and tender.  I left the skin on during the cooking process but removed it before plating.



The recipe for the dill sauce included 1 tbl of butter, 1 tbl of flour, chicken broth, cream dill, salt and white pepper.  I melted the butter and added the flour to make a roux.  I let the butter/flour mixture cook until the roux was lightly colored.  Then I added the cream and chicken broth until the sauce reached the consistency I wanted.  I added the dill and  allowed the sauce to gently simmer for a few minutes to give the flavors time meld.  Salt and pepper to taste was all that was needed to complete the sauce.

Here’s the plated dish.  I served the salmon atop the sautéed spinach with a bit of the dill sauce.  The extra sauce was passed on the side.  The sauce paired nicely with the carrots as well.

For those of you considering  the purchase of an immersion cooker I will tell you that I love mine.  There are a number of things I want to try in the cooker and look forward to

Plated sous vide salmon with dill sauce.

Plated sous vide salmon with dill sauce.

experimenting.  For example, whole stuffed trout,  beef short ribs, stuffed chicken breasts. The list is as long as my imagination!

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