Two Peas – Literally

This fall has been anything but normal when it comes to the daytime temperature.  During September and October there were days when we were 10+ degrees above normal.  Now here it is, the 10 of November and today is the first time the temperature is below 60 degrees – it’s 59 degrees F. at 3:41 pm under cloudy skies.

I have to admit I miss the nip in the air that comes with fall but the weather is a real bonus to our guests and to some of my plants.

In late August I planted some geraniums, vinca and sowed some pea seeds.  The pea package said I would have fruit in 60 to 90 days.  As peas are a cooler weather plant I had waited until the worst of the summer heat was over.  And, as I planted them in containers along a west-facing wall, they are sheltered from the wind and protected from the cold. I have been patiently waiting for peas to show up.  I’ve had flowers but the fruit didn’t seem to set.

This morning I went out to look at the plants and discovered this:

Displaying 20161110_144132.jpg

Yes, there they were.  TWO PEA PODS!  And a third on the way.  As the weather is supposed to stay warm – mid to upper 60’s through next week – I expect I will see a few more. Maybe enough for George and I to have 10 peas each.  You have to love gardening in the Southwest!

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