Deviled Eggs

Today is labor day; traditionally the last cookout day of the summer.  With a gas grill we cookout year around so the we’ll be enjoying the grill for a while yet.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t honor tradition with traditional cookout favorites.  Tonight we are having beer can chicken, potato salad and my personal favorite summertime cookout food – deviled eggs. 

Everyone knows how to make hard-boiled eggs; I’ve been making them for years.  I admit to using a tool to determine the correct cooking time, I hate the green rim of overcooked egg yolk.  I have something called the “Perfect Egg Timer” and it really works.  You put the timer in the water with the eggs and let the eggs cook until the timer colors to the desired level of doneness (soft-boiled, medium boiled or hard-boiled.)  As soon as the eggs are done cooking I remove them from the pot and put them in a bowl of ice and water to stop the cooking process.  Then they go into the refrigerator until I’m ready to make ‘deviled” part of the eggs. 

Now the fun starts.  To the egg yolks I add some mayo ( lately I’ve been using the olive oil mayo from Kraft – reduced calories and a good taste) but from there anything goes.  Sometimes I add some cumin or chipotle powder to the mayonnaise.  Sometimes, if I want to do comfort eggs, it’s dijon mustard.  When I want a real bite to my eggs I add freshly grated horseradish to the mayo.   For a really weird (but good) twist, mash anchovy into the mayo and garnish each egg with an anchovy. 

The number of deviled egg recipes is limited only by your pantry and your imagination.  A taste of summer all year round.

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