Memorial Day Menu

Happy Memorial Day!  We’re kicking off the summer season with a BBQ.  Smoked brisket, American potato salad, a green salad and for dessert, apricot sorbet.

Now if only the weather would cooperate.  We’ve been planning this menu for the last week.  We bought some nice brisket, already cleaned and cut into manageable pieces, early last week.  We wrapped them tightly and stored them in anticipation of Memorial Day.  Then we watched the weather.  For some reason our spring winds, which have usually diminished by early May, have continued to blow.  We figured we had a three-day window to smoke the brisket; Saturday, Sunday or today.  One of those days would surely favor our endeavor by being wind free.  No such luck.  Saturday and Sunday we had high wind warnings.  Today the weather forecast calls for “breezy” conditions.  As I write this the winds are blowing at a sustained 25 mph out of the WNW, with gusts over 30 mph.  Tough to maintain a consistent temperature in the smoker in those conditions.  Not to mention downright scary with the lack of moisture in this part of the world.  One errant spark and we could be in big trouble.

Not to be deterred, George has moved the smoker onto the front portal.  He set it up in the southwest corner of the portal where it is protected by two walls, and a faucet.  The only problem with this setup is the smoke drifting into the house.   But it will be worth it when that brisket, which, until a few hours ago, was sitting in George’s secret marinade, comes off the smoker.  We like to serve it at room temperature so it will be done about 2 hours before dinner time.  That’s enough time for a quick nap for my master smoker!  The potato salad is prepared and sitting in the refrigerator.  The apricot sorbet is in the freezer. All that is left to do is toss the green salad, cut up the brisket, break out the BBQ sauce and plenty of napkins.  This is the way to kick-off summer!


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